Hello friends!

Thank you for visiting. I hope we can be friends. My name is Anni Bruno and I do makeup. I specialize in long-wearing, water-resistant timeless looks that are awesome for weddings and special events. I’ve been an airbrush and weddings specialist working in and around NYC since 2002. I also happen to be a feminist, which is something I find important enough to put on my landing page.

Guess what? YOU’RE PRETTY!

Don’t blush and shy away, it’s true. Everyone is beautiful and unique, and I love using makeup to highlight and accent peoples’ features. I am not a fan of the beauty industry at large. It seems to me to be a way to make billions of dollars off of womens’ insecurities. I would never tell you that you “need” anything. Don’t listen to anyone who does. Beauty is subjective, and fashion magazines need to just cut it out already.

You can be a feminist and love makeup. I swear!

I look at makeup as a tool we can use to enhance and empower. When we feel polished and put together, we feel confident, and we feel ready to take on the world. I would never tell you what you SHOULD be doing, rather, I hope to show you what you CAN be doing to be the very best unicorn fairy princess warrior goddess you can be.

I am so glad that I found Anni for my wedding. She designed a makeup look for me that suited my personality, dress, and overall feel of the day. It came out looking perfect and lasted all night without a hitch. She also did my mom's makeup, who does not wear makeup on a regular basis and had not for years, and she made her look beautiful and natural without feeling like too much for someone not used to it. She really knew what she was doing with her products as well- she always knew what to recommend for anything I asked.

Beyond her expertise, Anni was so much fun to be around! With all the wedding stresses, it is so great to find someone that makes you forget there is anything to stress about and just makes you laugh and want to sit and chat all day. She is definitely a find. I highly highly recommend her!

Amy Bride, 2013 March 31, 2017

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