Studio Information

Where are you based?
I live in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which is also the location of my studio and center of operations. My studio is located on the second floor of my apartment.

I have allergies! Anything I should be aware of before arriving?
There are two adorable kitties, Sprout & Roxie, as well as a sweet tiny dog named Phoebe Cates, who all live here. If you’re allergic, I can always sequester them on the first floor. Don’t feel bad about asking – they’re used to being hidden away.

We also have a fish tank, but most people aren’t allergic to them.

If I am early for my appointment, can I come in early?
Due to the nature of my schedule, I often schedule my appointments within 10 minutes of each other. So, often, if you arrive early, I will be working with someone else – and, as I do not have a waiting room, it’s probably better for you to take a stroll around the neighborhood if you’re more than 10 minutes early. Lots of lovely coffee shops and things to explore on Graham Ave. 🙂


Do you also do hair?
Nope! I’m a makeup specialist only. I choose to stick to what I do best, which is painting, not sculpting.

Can you recommend a hairstylist?
Sure! Over the years I’ve worked with many talented hairstylists. I can always send you that referral list, if you’re also seeking hair services.

What has to be done first – hair or makeup?
The way I’ve seen it happen the most often is that the hairstylist will set the bride’s hair first, and then finish her hair last. So, somewhere in the middle there, she’ll get her makeup done. Or, if she’s not having her hair set, then hair would be done before makeup. But I’m flexible – whatever works best, in terms of day-of timing.


Do you charge for travel?
It depends. If I can get to you within 45 minutes on the subway or on my Vespa, then no, I don’t charge anything for travel. Taking my makeup kit on the subway, however, is NO picnic. So depending on your location, sometimes it’s better for me to take a cab, and in that case, I just ask you to cover my cab fare. If I have to bring my director’s chair and lighting rig, then I’ll need to cab everything over to you.

If the wedding is outside the city limits, I charge $100/hr for travel, which covers car rental, tolls, gas, etc.

Will you travel with me to a second location?
Sure – that travel time just counts towards touch-up hours. After services are completed at one location, if we’re traveling to a second spot, I charge $75/hr for the time spent traveling there. Then the clock stops again once we start working in the second location. If you want to keep me there at the 2nd location for touchups, the clock starts up again once we’ve finished everyone’s makeup application.

The Trial Process

Can you explain the trial process, and what are the benefits of doing a trial?
Sure. The trial serves a couple of purposes. First, it’s a way for you to meet me, and to see if we click. It’s super important to surround yourself with people you like, trust, and feel comfy with on the morning of your wedding – so – meeting your makeup artist beforehand to get a general sense of their personality, vibe, and style of work is important.

And the second reason to do the trial is so we can map out your perfect day-of makeup design. We can look at pieces of inspiration – photos of the dress, makeup ideas you like, etc… and together, we’ll work to create the design. Another benefit of doing this is that when I show up on the wedding day, you and I will have already done a practice run, and there won’t be any guesswork or surprises that day. It takes any stress or potential surprises out of the equation.

Can we do a trial on a weekend?
Unfortunately, no. Most weekends I’m busy working weddings, which are sometimes out of town. I can take trial appointments Monday-Friday, 11-8. Meaning, last appointment can be 8-10pm, or even later if you need. I’m a night owl.

Where should I do the trial?
You’ll want to come to my studio to do a trial. The process goes much more smoothly when we have everything right at our fingertips. I’m willing to do a trial at your location, but we won’t have as many options to play with, and the rate will increase to cover transport of my kit.

How far in advance before the wedding date should I schedule the trial run?
The trial run can be conducted at any point before the wedding. I recommend somewhere in the 3-6 months prior range. Once the trial is scheduled, I’ll hold your wedding date for you, so no one else will have a chance to grab it. If your wedding is a Saturday during peak season, schedule your trial asap. If it’s a less popular day, you’ve got some more wiggle room in there. But you never know. It’s unpredictable, so, best to plan ahead.

Can I book you before the trial run, or even skip it altogether?
Sure! I have many clients come in from out of town, and they simply don’t have time for a trial. That’s fine too. I suggest sending me some inspiration photos so I know roughly what kind of look you’ll be going for that day. And just through email communication, I can get a pretty good idea of what you want. And if you know you want to book me, and don’t have time for a trial – I just take a $200 deposit to set the date in stone, and it’s yours. And then that deposit gets deducted from your day-of total.

Can I do a trial run on the day of my engagement photos?
I wouldn’t recommend it. Because then you’ll have the exact same makeup design in all of your engagement shots, as well as all the ones from your wedding. It cuts down the opportunity to have a bit more variety in your photos. We’ll also be designing the makeup to go along with the hair / gown / accessories for your wedding, and you’ll probably be wearing totally different colors and styles on your engagement shoot.

How long after the trial run is completed do you need a yes or no answer?
After the trial is finished, you can feel free to book with me on the spot, if you’re completely happy (and I hope you are!) If you need to take some time to think about it for a bit, maybe, see how the makeup holds up for you… or, get opinions from friends/fiance… I totally encourage you to do that as well. I just ask for a yes or no answer within a week or two, so I can book the date for you, or open it back up for someone else.

And while I never want to rush a client to make a decision before they are ready, priority will be given to the client that gets their deposit in first.


How long will the makeup last?
Quite a while! I have spent years testing the longevity of the products I use. I use as much waterproof/water resistant stuff as possible. My goal is to make sure you’re looking fabulous throughout the whole day and evening, and won’t have to worry about touching up. The only things you will have to touchup would be your lip color, and maybe a powder if you have a tendency to get shiny. I’ve been told in the past that the makeup has lasted more than 12 hours. I’ve had a few brides pass out from exhaustion after the wedding, without washing their faces… and they woke up looking perfect the next day. True story.

Should you stick around for touchups?
I find that to be unnecessary most of the time. The makeup I use is pretty bullet-proof. Maybe only if you anticipate a TON of crying? Or if it’s going to be 100 degrees that day? Either way, the touching up you’d need to do is very minimal, and can usually be handled on your own or by a friend. Of course, I’m fully willing to stick with you as long as you need me to. Whatever makes you comfortable. Usually I’ll assign your lipstick to your Maid of Honor and have her let you know when you need a touchup.

Will my bridesmaids/moms need to touch up their lips?
Yes. There is no product I’m aware of that will stay on your lips for hours and hours, especially while drinking and eating. There are stains and long-wear products out there, but I find them to be very drying. So, I just recommend re-applying as needed. I encourage bridesmaids to bring a selection of lip colors to touch up with later on. If they don’t have anything, or, if the colors they do bring don’t work with the overall makeup design I’ve created, I always bring a selection of lip products available for purchase. Prices range from $5-$40, depending on the brand.

Day-of Logistics & General Timing

How much time do you need per person?
I always schedule an hour with the bride, and, depending on how much time we have (and how many ladies we have), 30-45 minutes each for additional ladies. 45 minutes is ideal.

How many people can you handle on your own? What’s your maximum?
5-6 people is a good number for me to do on my own. That will take up a good chunk of time. If you have 7 or more people for makeup, I always suggest having me bring along one of my associate artists, which incurs an additional $300 fee. It’s an excellent investment, as it literally cuts your prep time in half. Your bridesmaids don’t want to have to start getting ready at the crack of dawn. Everyone will be tired and cranky by the time the wedding starts, and that’s no good!

How far in advance should I book my makeup artist?
It depends. I can be booked out anywhere from 2 weeks in advance up until a year (or more) in advance. Saturdays in peak wedding season (Spring and Fall) are the toughest dates to grab. If your wedding is on a Wednesday in January, you probably don’t need to book to far in advance. But if your date is a Saturday in September, and you know which artist you want to hire, don’t wait!

Often, I’ll get several inquiries for the same day.  Since I’m only able to accomodate one bridal party per day, preference has to be given to whoever gets their deposit in to me first.  While I would never want to rush anyone into making a decision before they’re ready, I encourage people to keep this in mind.

My wedding is very early in the morning. What’s the earliest you can get started?
I personally, am NOT a morning person. My artist brain functions best after noon. My studio hours are 11-8. I am willing to accommodate any schedule. But since it tends to throw off my work schedule for a few days afterwards (and before), I do charge a surcharge for any start time before 10am. No additional charge for a start time of 10, but, for every hour earlier than 10 is an additional $100/hr.

What should I do to prepare for makeup?
There are a few things you can do to really get the most out of your makeup.

  • Everyone should arrive with a clean face. No makeup please! I’ll just be removing it anyway, and it’ll cost us some time. If you have super dry skin, it’s ok to moisturize, but if you can stand it, arriving with a totally clean face is the best way to begin.
  • The night before the wedding, heavy-duty exfoliation is recommended. I want your skin as fresh and glowy as possible, and dead flaky bits should be removed the night before. After exfoliation, use a ton of night cream and eye cream before bed.
  • Try to have your eyebrows done (waxed, threaded, etc). I can clean up any strays, but we generally won’t have time to do a full brow-shaping.
  • Try to avoid diuretics (alcohol, caffeine, salt,) as much as you can, and drink plenty of water leading up to the big day! Don’t forget to get as much rest as you can, and don’t forget to eat!!!


Do you have a minimum booking requirement?
Yes. For weekends and holidays, I do have a minimum booking requirement, which includes makeup for a bride plus two more ladies.

This is necessary because there’s only one of me, and for everyone’s sanity, I choose to only book one wedding in a day. There’s no risk of me having to run off and deal with a second wedding on your day.

For weekdays, I’m happy to accommodate bookings of any size.

What about when there are two brides?
That’s great! I’m so glad that I’m able to offer my services to same-sex couples in more and more states.

As far as rates, I don’t charge the starting bridal rate twice – bride #2 is priced the same as the attendants.

What is included / not included in the base rates?

  • makeup – airbrush or standard, your choice
  • false lashes if you would like them
  • body makeup, if needed – tattoo coverage, KP coverage, decolletage, etc.
  • touchup kit for the bride – a powder compact and all lip products
  • a sparkling sunny attitude from me

Not included:

  • travel costs (determined based on several different factors, such as being outside the city, being beyond 45 minutes of my location, or inclusion of cab fare).
  • touchup products for non-brides

What types of payment do you accept?
Cash is king! If you’re not able to pay with cash, I’ll accept personal checks if necessary. PayPal or credit cards are also accepted, with a 4% additional surcharge.

Everything Else

Can you work with all ethnicities, ages, and skin tones?
Absolutely. Over the years I’ve worked with men and women of all ages and skin tones. For example, I recently did a wedding where I worked on a 6 year old as well as a 68 year old. And living in NYC, diverse as it is, I’ve worked with every bone structure, eye shape, and skin tone imaginable. I’m an expert foundation mixer, and can match anyone’s skin.

What if you’re not available on my wedding date?
I have a large network of talented makeup artists in the NYC area. I can send you my referral list and hopefully link you up with someone great. Rates and availability will vary, of course.

What kinds of products do you use?
With a decade-plus of freelance experience, I’ve had the opportunity to work with numerous product lines over the years. Currently, I have zero brand affiliations. I stock my kit with what I believe to be the best pieces from many different brands. The vast majority come from luxury and professional lines.

Here’s an abridged list of what you might find in there:
The Balm, Becca, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Cover FX, DuWop, ELF, Embryolisse, Face Atelier, Giorgio Armani, Graftobian, Hourglass, Inglot, La Bella Donna, Laura Mercier, Lise Watier, LORAC, L’Oreal (best mascara!), Korres, MAC, Makeup Forever, Nars, OCC, Smashbox, Stila, Tarte, Temptu, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Yves Saint Laurent.