Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding: Caitlin

Hi Caitlin! Looking gorgeous!


Caitlin and Scott got married last year at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. It was so beautiful an affair, it got published on Style Me Pretty. Which is pretty much a guarantee that you had a slam dunk of a gorgeous affair.


Classic Anni-instructions, caught on camera! I'm always telling clients to "look up towards the ceiling" so I can really blend their concealer into the lashline, to make it totally seamless. And I use my ring finger because the warmth of my fingertip helps to melt the concealer into the skin.


Here's me, outlining her lips with a gentle balmy crayon (and I guess I was rocking purple hair that week. Good to know).


This couple was super rare for me, in the sense that most of my communications were with the groom. This was because the bride, I believe, was finishing school, moving across the country, and getting married… all in the same week. She is a crazy busy ambitious lady, and therefore I think a lot of the planning fell to the groom. Good job, Scott!

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Partytown USA! Caitlin was a joy to work with and it looks like they had an amazing time. Mega-congrats!!!

xoxo Anni

Photography: Alexandra Meseke
Makeup: Anni Bruno with NYC Faces
Floral Design: Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design
Venue: Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Palm House
Hair: The Parlour Brooklyn