The Importance of Hiring a Bridal MUA

I got an inquiry today from a bride needing to book a makeup artist for her wedding. I wasn’t available on her wedding day, but something about the wording of her email made me really want to help her out anyway. So I decided to share some info with her about the process of finding and hiring a great makeup pro. Then I realized that this is information I should share on a larger scale, so, here it is!

A Happy Bride who booked an awesome MUA (me!)

Hello Amy!
Thanks for getting in touch. I am unfortunately booked that day, and won’t be able to help you out. But your mail is really making me want to help, so let me just fill you in on a few important things!

1) Most (good) makeup artists book up for weddings in the summer about 3-6 months in advance, so at this point you might have a rough time finding someone great. Sundays are easier, but I would definitely try to get this squared away this week if you can! Also, holiday weekends are more popular, so whoever you do find might charge you a holiday rate above their regular rate, so I just wanted to prepare you for that.

2) In terms of pricing – you really need to not fear. You don’t need to spend $1,000 or more for a good artist. I find the mid range priced ones are just as good – I’d say you can find someone for $300 or less (for just you – bridesmaids would be extra.) Anyone charging less than that you’d definitely want to know why… because just like any service, quality people charge what they are worth, and you definitely don’t want to find someone who’s prices are too good to be true (they’re probably just starting out in the industry, or not very experienced.)

3) Your family is right – the importance of good makeup on your wedding day is just as important as flowers, dress, etc. Those photos will last a lifetime, and think about how much $ you’re investing in photos, dress, hair, etc….and if your makeup choices are not flattering, that’s all you’ll ever notice in the photos! Also, on the day of, people will be looking at your face a lot more than your dress or your hair or flowers. It’s true. So you definitely want a seasoned professional helping you make you look your very best. It is your wedding day, after all!

4) In addition to holiday fees, other artists will also charge travel fees and sometimes even early morning fees. If I were available, I would actually request all 3 of those fees. If you’re on a strict beauty budget, you’ll probably want to avoid dealing with that. So – I would try to find someone coming from close by (I’m far from there, in Brooklyn) to avoid any additional fees.

5) Do a trial run! For sure! To make sure that you like the artist and her work, and also to map out exactly the look you’re wanting for the day. Also, be prepared to pay for the trial – you are booking the artist for that day too, after all. For example, I charge $100 flat fee for a trial. Some artists are less, most are more. At the trial, your artist should take photos of the finished product and should chart out the products she used on a face chart, which she will then bring to the wedding so she can recreate the look.

So I hope that helps you out! Even though I won’t be able to be your makeup artist, I really hope you do find a great one for your wedding, and that this email helped prepare you for the process of finding and booking one. You won’t regret it! In the grand scheme of what you’re spending on the wedding, this will be a drop in the bucket. Totally worth it for the guarantee of looking fantastic on your wedding day!

Good luck,